Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Season 6 Ep13 – Changing Movements

Morgan Heritage ft. DreZion delves into a party atmosphere with the polished perfection of “Reggae Night”. From the joyous vocals to the bouncing beats, everything works. Best of all the song offers a playful melody, one that lingers in the amount.

With a fragile beauty Danaë Xanthe Vlasse’s “Fantaisie #2 “Schwanengesang”” keeps things to the absolute essentials. Spirited soulful piano work unfurls with incredible grace. The gentle progression puts it up alongside other solo pianist greats, with an emotional core that feels akin to the early impressionist composers.

A pastoral quality defines the spacious scope of Adina E’s “Changing”. Guitar work tenderly comes together with the ambient washes of the synthesizer. Featuring impeccable storytelling, the song has an optimism that comes to guide it along.

Multifaceted with a gorgeous hue Harp Samuels represents a future-facing folk spirit with “Fire”. Sung with passion the piece grows in a stately way, as the vocals have a nearly lullaby quality to them. Best of all the song has a soulful quality to it courtesy of the smallest details, from the communal handclaps to the way the guitar work opts for delicate touches.

On “Can’t Remember” Riston Diggs ft. Sly Beats goes for a gritty trip-hop spirit with “Can’t Remember”. With a cloudy day sort of riffing, the whole piece opts for a dreamy vibe. Perfect flows build the piece up as a story gradually comes into focus.

Playful to its very core, Alex Cuba’s “Piedad” chooses an intimacy on the sunny spirit of “Piedad de Mi”. From the guitar gracefully dancing around the song to the way the singers flow in and out of the mix gives it a tremendous welcoming presence. With a limber groove the song positively teems with life.



By Sarah Conson