How to Restart Your Life to Minimalist Way of Living

Eventually, we all become tired. Everyday life goes into the boring same routine and we quickly forget to have some fun. It doesn’t take long for us to feel as though we grew older overnight. This fatigue creeps into every aspect of our lives. And although we fight it with starting new activities, it’s still there and not planning to leave soon.

Psychologists say that instead of adding new things to our lives, we should examine the existing ones. Being realistic about what we can and want to handle is always a good way to begin. Over time, we gathered activities and responsibilities which we don’t actually need. They take a lot of our time and energy, and we still keep them because they are familiar.

And that’s when another useful advice might be just the right choice. Instead of trying new hobbies, maybe it would be wiser to stop and restart ourselves. Besides changing sleeping and eating habits, we should also adopt a bit simpler and different mindset. Start afresh is always the best choice if you hit a dead end, and keeping it simple this time is just what your exhausted being needs.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you will deprive yourself of experiences and things, but that you will more prudently choose what deserves your attention. The minimalist way of living is one of the principles which can help you restart and regain control of your life. Moreover, doing that is even easier than you think.

1.   Make a list

Although it may be old-fashioned, pen and paper are still the most reliable means to re-evaluate things. Start by writing down all the things you do, and not just on daily basis. For example, include things you do every year like birthdays and other celebrations. Even the simplest tasks like paying the bills or going grocery shopping should be on the list. Remember, this is not something you can do in an hour or a day. Give it some time so you would include every responsibility on your list.

When you think you are done, take a new blank paper and start a new list. This one should include what you would like to do, your wishes and desires no matter how silly. If you wanted to learn to play the piano or paint, then put it on your list. This will make you realize what you blame yourself or someone else for never doing. These two lists will help you put your life into perspective and have a closer observation of what you do and don’t do with your time.

2.   Examine your relationships

We all have the relationship we’d rather not have. Think about it. There is always someone draining your energy and time. Asking you for favours and never paying attention to your feelings. People go as far as to refer to these persons as the “energy vampires”. Then, there are those who care too much, like family members. They suffocate you with their worry and criticism – all with best intentions in mind. Instead of feeling nurtured and cared for, you feel caged and overwhelmed with expectations.

This phase may be the hardest because it will require a lot of strength and explaining. Not to mention the guilt you’ll feel for cutting out some people off from your life or changing your attitude towards them. It’s sufficed to say that you will have to have many uncomfortable conversations in order to put your relationships in order. You might be hurt for having to say goodbye to some people, but remember it’s the quality of the relationship that counts. If someone makes you unhappy, even if you’ve known them a long time, you shouldn’t maintain that toxic relationship.

3.   Value your time

We all have an expiration date. This may be depressing, but it should also kickstart you to value your time. Of course, you can’t always do with your time what you want, but you can use the most of it when you can. It’s perfectly okay to say “no” to a night-out if you feel like it and stay at home to binge-watch a TV show. There is nothing wrong with trying different things in order to see what will appeal to you the most.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to be selfish and self-centred. It’s easy to cross that line when you give yourself the freedom to do as you please with your time. The most important segment of every life-changing decision is compromising. You may be ready to minimize the responsibilities in your life, but your loved ones won’t be. So, instead of making radical changes, reach a compromise which will be satisfactory to all involved.

4.   Take care of yourself

You can’t change anything if you don’t start changing your habits. When unhappy or dissatisfied, people turn to overeating or not eating enough. This can cause all sorts of health issues. Sleeping and dietary habits are the two things you should immediately change. Throw out unhealthy foods in your pantry and buy nutritional ingredients which will provide you with nutrients your body needs.

Also, say goodbye to sweets and start eating more fruits, and exchange fast food for home-cooked meals. Visit your doctor regularly for general health checks and exercise at least 15 minutes a day. That is the minimum you can do to lead a healthy life.

5.   Clean up

As the last thing, cleaning up is probably the one requiring the most time and can create quite an emotional rollercoaster. We all piled up a lot of clutter over the years which slowly hijacked our space and took control of our life. Although you may think you can’t live without those thinks, test yourself. Use a storage service like Pink Junk Company and place all those things you find invaluable in the safe place and away from you. If after some time you don’t miss them, then it’s the proof you can do without them.

Most of our dissatisfaction comes from the mess in our lives, namely our homes. Reorganizing the closet and getting rid of excess belongings will declutter your mind and help you liberate yourself. And on the plus side, you can sell all the things you don’t need and use that money for something that will really make you happy, like travelling or new furniture.

Final words

Bearing all this advice in mind and taking a few deep breaths, it’s time to start anew. Restarting your life to the minimalist way of living will give enough space to reinvent yourself and discover new sides of your personality. So, get that pen and paper and be ready to meet an improved version of you.