Bongo Boy Records release LOVE IS VOLUME ONE by Various Artists

Mandy Brooks chooses an angelic sort of folk with the glistening world of “Have I Told You Lately”. From the tenderness of the banjo to the graceful vocals, everything has a majestic hue to it. A pastoral quality takes hold while the airy spacious atmosphere adds to the lovely aura.

A modern take on the blues defines the swagger of Big Bone Daddy’s “All My Time”. With a nostalgic hue to it, the song has a classic timeless quality to it. Lyrics wax poetic as they embody a yearning of sorts.

Gentle laid-back grooves give One Supernova’s “Wide Awake” a sense of heartfelt awe and wonder with the world. The indie rock vibe of the track gives the whole thing a determined spirit. Layer upon layer works wonders as the song opts for a celebratory mood.

The grace of Deborah Henriksson’s “Only You” goes for a touch temperament, one where the melody lingers in the air long after it is over. Delicate and deliberate Deborah Henriksson nicely balances country and folk into a satisfying whole. A rhythm gradually builds up giving the piece a commanding presence.


Nimble tempos lead the way with the wildness of Blind Lemon Pledge’s “Language Of Love”. With a playful demeanor, the percussion has a light limber touch. By far the true soul comes from Blind Lemon Pledge’s flexible vocal delivery.

Delving into a surreal world is Studeo’s dreamy swirl of “Our Perfect Place To Be”. Perfectly balancing pop and electronics into a fantastic series of flourishes, the song possesses a tropical flavor. The piano glides by with a regal quality as Studeo’s vocals rise above it all.

With “Black Gypsy” Les Fradkin dives headfirst into a 60s-inspired psychedelic rock. Lyrics focus upon the importance of storytelling, while the optimism of the melody meshes with the realism of the lyricism. Quite busy the piece grows in a symphonic way.

Languid tempos lead the way on Mark Baxter’s casual cool of “Love Is”. A shaggy-dog story weaves its way across the colorful arrangement. Building up ever larger and larger “Love Is” transforms into a glorious crescendo for its fantastic finale.

Smooth and soothing Blind Dawg Ben Miller goes for a late-night atmosphere on the incredible journey of “Ain’t Nobody Loved Me”. The sprawling ambitious nature of the song gives everything a warm glow to it. Blind Dawg Ben Miller sings with an intimacy, one that stretches out over the course of the piece.

Peppy to a tee Susan SurfTone opts for jangle-pop approach with “Out Of My Dreams”. The giddiness allows everything to rush through with tremendous brightness. Rushing by in a blur Susan SurfTone burns through their track with determination.

Udo Hoelscher keeps things to the essentials on the thoughtful “Before We Fall”. Proving to be a deft storyteller, Udo Hoelscher lets his guitar sing. A sense of tension comes to give the song a deeply-felt passion.

“More Then I Asked For” travels a leisurely path, courtesy of Gar Francis’ breezy approach. Synthesizers sweep through further emphasizing the joy and contentment that pours forth from the sound. With vocals that at times recall David Bowie’s tender ballads, the song unfurls with the utmost of style.

Marie Chabot allows a hushed reverence to take over on the 70s-inspired singer-songwriter piece “Last Night”. From the warmth of the piano to the way the song comes into bloom, the track radiates with compassion. Rather gloriously, Marie Chabot sings with a sense of pure hope and optimism.

A country western twang lets Trevor Aaron Carlesi’s “I’m Gonna Win My Spurs” barrel through. Featuring a honky-tonk rhythm, the percussion has a spry touch to it. By far the best part comes from the confident vocal delivery.

Neon-hued and gorgeous Studeo sculpts a masterful sound with “Sunset In Corfu”. Everything comes together in a regal fashion. Perfectly embodying a meditative, cyclical approach the song’s reflective quality makes it an ode to those relationships that come to define a life.


By Isiah We