Elliot Jones – “Let You In”

Many budding new artists have recently gained the limelight with their unique style of musical creations in the vast world of music which has also evolved into a new trend with the new creative music.

Elliot Jones is one of those many talented musicians who has received instant fame among his vast fan following for his amusing style of musical creations. His first single ‘Let You In’ released on the 30th of November this year is one of the best songs which has already become quite popular within these few days of its release.

Elliot Jones is a singer, songwriter and a skillful musician from Toronto who had started his career at the age of 17. Later he had moved to New York City to explore the various genres of music which became a turning point in his musical career.

Later he moved into Los Angeles where he worked with some renowned evergreen talents such as the eminent producer Mike Hart ( Alex Aiono, Dove Cameron) and writers Jake Hawkes (D.R.A.M, Kyle) and Michelle Buzz (Jaira Burns, Prince Fox). Under the guidance of these acclaimed celebrities, Elliot lent direction in writing, production and playing the keyboard.

The new single ‘Let You In’, that was released recently under the production house Kobalt Music Group portrays Elliot’s talent as a writer and of course his unique style of musical melodies. The song has collaborated with a bouncy beating musical harmony which enhances the feeling that Elliot tries to fabricate so passionately.

The lyrics of the song is eminently penned by Elliot which expresses the angst-ridden guarded thoughts of young lovers which brings out the intently hard but honest confession of the young heart and its mingled feelings.

The song is set on a catchy musical backdrop which devours the slight melancholy feel of the song’s heartfelt lyrical section and discloses a serious ambiance of love, deceit, heartbreak and the life after the breakdown.

The song manifests a simple yet prime concept which is sure to touch the hearts of young souls who have felt or experienced love and betrayal. The song gracefully unfolds the story of a betrayed lover who has finally realized the value of life and also the right place for genuine love in one’s life. The lyrical section is kept simple and easily relatable.

Elliot has a distinguishable high-pitched voice which expands the tone variation of the song to quite a wide range. The guitar chords in the backdrop along with the keyboard notes establish a rather intense ethereal which captures the audience’s attention right from the beginning to the end. The music and voice quality is as usual kept brilliant.

There is no doubt as to how Elliot Jones might have got himself a huge fan following with his work. His work surely depicts his love and passion for music which has an ardent attraction to draw their audience’s attention. The catchy tone and equally charismatic instrumental variation give the single ‘Let You In’ every possible reason to become the new massive hit among the ardent music lovers.


– Maria Rodriguez