Alpha Mule – ‘Corpus Christi’

With the ongoing trend of creative music, many talented artists are efficiently accomplishing their position in the world of music. ‘Alpha Mule’ is a band formed as an amalgamation of the expertise from two proficient musical artists, Joe Forkan and Eric Stoner. The musical duo has recently released their debut album, ‘Peripheral Vision’ which is already creating havoc with its irresistibly soothing melodies.

Based in Southern California, ‘Alpha Mule’ proudly flaunts the multi-talents of the American duo Joe and Eric. Along with their potent musical passion, both of them manages a lucrative career of their own. Eric is a professional photographer and photography teacher at Laguna College of Art and Design while Joe is an expert exhibition painter and professor of Arts at CSU, Fullerton.

Their craze to create original music brought them together and the duo started playing music for the past four years. Their music manifests an influence of rock, blues, bluegrass, folk and traditional country tunes.

With ‘Peripheral Vision’ ‘Alpha Mule’ has finally released their first album along with the first single from the album, ‘Corpus Christi’. With an interesting upbeat, the song ‘Corpus Christi’ is catchy, tuneful and interesting. The vocational work by Joe along with the acoustic guitar opens the song at a very high notch. The incorporation of the banjo notes over a bouncy and beating melody effectively engages the audience into a rich ambiance of buoyant folk musical style.

Beginning with a rapid instrumental association through the prelude the song takes pace with Eric’s melodious and soothing voice. The single-stranded acoustic guitar chords towards the beginning of the song with Eric’s voice and the pleasantly distinguishable background vocals are energetic and exotic.

The first verse differentiates the second one with a moment of pause when you might feel the song has ended but just before the thought fades out, the second verse starts with another round of the tuned acoustic guitar chords which eventually builds the fun factor of the song. The lyrics match well with the folk theme, evolving a strong desire to sing and even dance with the synchronized up and low beats.

Recorded at the Wavelab in Tucson, Arizona, ‘Peripheral Vision’ is sure to present its audience a whole lot of well crafted musical tracks by the duo but releasing Corpus Christi as their first single is surely the work of a genius mind. The song bears every ingredient to allure and satisfies a listener’s desire and love for original music. The digital effects on the musical album are kept minimal which gives a natural feel to the song. The sound quality is clear and prominent.

With this catchy tuneful single from their album ‘Peripheral Vision,’ the band ‘Alpha Mule’ has surely made their mark in the world of creative music. With a strong expressive lyrics and an engaging melody, the song travels through an interesting, soulful journey with its harmonious upbeat tunes and catchy rhythm. Though a new artistic talent in the music industry, Joe and Eric have efficiently proved their talent and craftsmanship with this single album with intrigues its audience into a joyous and cheerful ethereal.


– Henry Terry