Bongo Boy Records Presents – ‘Let’s Have A Rockin’ Christmas Volume Two’

Starting off the collection with a regal form of majesty is Wayne Olivieri’s “I’m Glad It’s Christmas Time Again”. Wayne Olivieri sings with reverence as the song unfurls in such a cinematic way. Everything works from the way the bells echo out into the air to the magnificent strings.

Jody Quine & the Big Mr. C (Dan Berggren) takes a playful take on Christmas with “Got My Eye On You, Santa”. Piano takes a light touch, with a memorable melody working wonders. By far the highlight comes from the emotive vocals that rest in the heart of the track.

“Christmas Smile” shows Mike Peacock offering a reflective approach on the Christmas spirit. Drums take on a languid tempo as the song radiates such warmth. Nicely coming together the song celebrates community.

Blues come into the fray on the raw grit and soul of Clifford Curry’s “Christmas Ain’t No Time For The Blues”. From the fantastic harmonica to the ragtime style of the piano, everything simply swings. Full of humor the song simply stuns.


A reverent temperament defines Katie Garibaldi’s “Tomorrow Is Christmas Morning”. With a beautiful chamber pop the piece delves into a delightful dreamy world. Layer upon layer of sound is applied in almost a painterly sort of way.

Full of giddiness and cheer is Ricky Persaud’s pop punk “It’s Christmas Time Again”. Everything works, from the raw guitar riffs to the rushing rhythms. Instrumentally brilliant, the use of the toy box melody adds an additional holiday flair.

“Greensleeves” shows Charles Brown taking on that seasonal classic with such grace. Nicely embodying the thoughtfulness of the piece, the song whirls about in a luscious haze. Hushed in awe, Charles Brown lets every note glisten.

With a honky-tonk style is Paul Michael Tondreau’s “Christmas Morning”. A childlike sense of wonder helps Paul Michael Tondreau’s lyricism to truly resonate. Easy-going grooves allow the song to simply glide along.

“The Dreydl Sing Along” chooses a communal quality while Ruth Weber & Chapman SoundCheck creates a welcoming presence. Energy pours out of the piece while the lyrics focus upon history in a cheery fashion. Instruments nicely match the tremendous spirit that defines the track.

Bobby Rue sings with true heartfelt sentiment on “Oh Christmas Time”. Throughout the piece Bobby Rue offers some wonderful surprises. Letting the song build up results in a full-bodied finale.

Spyder Darling employs extremely articulate lyricism on the thought-provoking “Citizen Kane Christmas”. Fantastic guitar work allows the whole thing to truly sing. Vocals add to the defiant attitude of the track.

A poppy EDM approach gives Diana Barash’s contemporary take of “Christmas Time” a late-night vibe. From the physicality of the bass to the soothing vocals it all creates a meditative quality. By taking a new tact with Christmas the song lingers in the mind.

Ricky Persaud Jr. brings together the art pop of the Beach Boys with reggae on the sunny spirit of “Reggae Christmas”. Quite touching Ricky Persaud Jr. allows the melodies to truly shimmer and shine. Full of optimism the song builds up into an infectious groove.

Paying homage to one of Christmas Time’s greatest movies, the rollicking rhythms of Big Chris & D’Bare Bones Band “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”. Tempos ride throughout the song giving it a driving rhythm that never lets up. Easily the highlight of the piece comes from the incredible attention paid to the lyrics.

Light and airy, Yona Pax chooses a romantic take on the holiday season with “Merry Christmas”. Electro flourishes helps propel the song forward. Rhythm upon rhythm work in unison to give it a strong sense of purpose.

Ray Power’s “Christmas Miracle” taps into the graciousness of the Christmas spirit. With an anthem for the holiday everything comes together in perfect harmony. Downright inviting the song captures the holiday spirit in an amazing way.

By Roman Vasquez