Disconnected Genius – ‘Nirvikalpa Meow’

Disconnected Genius taps into an early 90s shaggy dog indie rock with the insightful “Nirvikalpa Meow”. Sung with such tenderness, the lyrics have a sharp wit about them while they offer reflections on the current state of affairs. These stories range from the personal to more wide-scope thoughts. Arrangements go for an intimacy of sorts, which really highlight the laid-back mellow quality of the vocals. Over the course of the album Disconnected Genius prove to have a great deal of elasticity as they draw from grunge, punk, garage rock, with a fondness for dream pop. Nicely brought together everything simply floats above in a beautiful aura.

“About Nothing” starts the album off with tremendous style, as Disconnected Genius focuses upon the innumerable social justice ills that continue to plague the world. Stripping things down further is the journey of “It’s a Curse I’m a Saint”. With a nice edge to it “Just Stay Don’t Go” powers through featuring punchy percussion, raw guitar riffs, and a general feeling of defiance. On “We’re All Watching Everything” seemingly appears to gracefully drift into the air. Thoughtful nimble guitar gestures give “One Fine Day” a feeling of majesty. Coming straight from the heart “The Little Don” opts for a hushed reverence. Easily the highlight of the album comes with the poignant closer “Arkane Bliss” whose message lingers in the mind.


Sounding akin to a long-lost classic, Disconnected Genius creates a soulful series of stories with the addictive “Nirvikalpa Meow”.

By Norman Wall