5 Reasons No One Is Coming to Your Music Shows

As someone with fingers on the pulses of various music scenes, almost nothing feels worse than an empty show. When no one shows up to see a live act, there can be a number of causes. The following are only five of those reasons, which can quickly be corrected to ensure a packed venue every time.

Poor Advertisement

Sometimes people don’t show up to a show simply because they didn’t know about it. Far too many, otherwise awesome acts have fallen victim to poor advertising. Today, teams are often hired to get the word out by either physical advertisements, like posters and flyers, or online through social media. Any performer or venue host can attempt to garner public attention for a show, however, it is important to cover all ground when promoting.

Scheduling Conflicts

Scheduling a show, for example, on a Monday is hardly ever a good idea. People are usually drained from that first day back to work after the weekend, and, furthermore, will have to return to work again the following Tuesday. They just can’t stay out too late, watching a music show. Be sure to schedule live events on days which most people generally have free.

Undesirable Location

If your venue is in a shady part of town or in a dilapidated building no one knows is even still operational, you probably won’t see many show-goers. Keep location in mind, especially in regards to parking, when planning a live music show.

An Uncomfortable Venue

When building or hall is too cold, dirty, smelly, and so forth, people can’t help but avoid it. They want to attend a show to have a good time, not be made uncomfortable by the music venue, itself. If your venue is suffering from environmental issues, a good HVAC company like L.J. Kruse Company will make sure your plumbing can handle the volume of attendees, and fix any issue that could make potential show attendees uncomfortable.

No One Knows (Or Likes) the Band

Finally, it’s always important to book bands and performers that people actually want to see. Booking an unknown talent, while nice for that person, will inevitably result in fewer attendees than booking a more popular act. Always show love for the little guy, of course, but remain a bit picky in the shows you decide to book for your venue. Moreover, always pick an act that people will like. Even if you, personally, enjoy a certain music performer, refrain from booking them unless others will also enjoy them.