Asha Pieper – “History”

Thoughtful and delicate, Asha Pieper crafts a mysterious, mystical world on the gracious style of “History”. Chamber pop anchors the piece while Asha Pieper draws from jazz and folk to deliver a fully-formed whole. Framing the entire piece in a slightly theatrical context, Asha Pieper lets the piece evolve with such deliberate pacing. How Asha Pieper allows such a wide variety of instrumental color into the mix while retaining its highly-refined spirit feels particularly masterful. Right in the center of it all rests Asha Pieper’s lyrical poetry, which reflects upon the world with great thoughtfulness.


Small gestures introduce the track. From this tiny space, Asha Pieper allows greater elements to hesitantly at first enter the mix. Piano has a delicate touch that perfectly accompanies Asha Pieper’s vocals. Her voice truly serves as the highlight of it all, as she shows an uncanny ability to let it simply soar into the sky. The choir ebbs and flows at first, and eventually becomes a full-fledged element of the overall spirit of the track. Off in the back the strings give the song a meditative quality in sync with Asha Pieper emphasis on the oftentimes overwhelming nature of history. Focusing on the idea of hindsight, the way that hindsight can inform future actions gives it a feeling of hope. Additionally, Asha Pieper further reinforces this opinion as the piece simply grows into a great sweeping gesture.

On “History” Asha Pieper sculpts a clever pop song, one whose message and melody linger in the mind.

By Jack Dawsone