Ali B – “Strangers In Love”

Ali B offers a fresh bold take on the ballad with the neon-hued “Strangers In Love”. With a neat mixture of dub, electro, house and pop the song offers an infectious energy. The optimistic quality of the track feels undeniable while Ali B’s lyricism describes the lust that allows relationships to truly blossom. Her voice has a chilled-out, mellow vibe to it. Nicely accompanied by the light yet effective melody, the entire thing evolves in such a naturalistic, almost painterly fashion. Over the course of the piece Ali B crafts a careful journey, one that begins with a chance encounter and becomes something much more.

Things begin on a hushed note. With only a carefully curated synthesizer the way the song gradually comes into focus feels majestic. Forgoing percussion at first the song relies heavily upon Ali B’s emotive vocals. Upon dropping the beat everything rushes forward in a glorious blur of color. Layers work together giving the song a summery quality, easy-going and rather spacious. Ali B lets the song focus on a flirtatious element, one that comes to define the entirety of the song. Yearning allows the track to have a playful, thoughtful quality to it while it highlights the importance of removing anonymity from the world. For the way Ali B lets the song build up to a glorious finale gives it a fantastic cinematic flourish.

“Strangers In Love” explores the yearning that defines and starts so many relationships, with Ali B proving to be a deft storyteller.

By Gabriel Abreu