5 Questions Feat Nina Soderquist

So we are so excited to post on an incredibly talented female singer/songwriter by the name Nina Soderquist. We checked in with her from her home in Helsingborg, Sweden. We get to chat with her about her new music, holiday plans, and that she is a part of the armed forces, lets get into it.

Skope: Where are we talking from today and what are your holiday plans?

Nina: Im in Helsingborg in Sweden, doing a rock show with Kee Marcello, the former guitarist in the Rockband EUROPE. Going on Holliday at the end of December to the Maldives. I’m soooo looking forward to that.

Skope: As we enter a new year what are you most proud of doing in 2017 and hope to achieve in 2018?

I’m proud of my duet GOODBYE with Björn Skifs: A song I wrote a few years ago when I went through a rough path. It means the world to me that I’ve been able to sing this song with my idol. Professional In 2018, I’m hoping for a productive year and a lot of touring. As for my family, I hope we stay healthy and that I’m able to do a lot of fun stuff with my daughter, Lilly.

Skope: What is your main project(s) you are promoting and got any links we can take a listen?

I’m promoting my duet GOODBYE http://bit.ly/GOODBYEbyNina

And I’m doing a rock show with Kee Marcello that’s called “ROCK THE NIGHT”. Hopefully we’re going on tour with the show next year too. There’s also a movie called BADROCK that I’m in. It’s a live concert were I’m doing “total eclips of the heart” and you can watch that on youtube

Skope: When you consume music what is your preferred method such as CD, Youtube, Pandora, etc?

I use spotify and youtube.

Skope: When you are not making or promoting music what else do you have going on?

I’m a radio DJ in a rock Chanel called “Rockklassiker”. I love doing radio.

I’m also a Field entertainer and captain in the Swedish army. Hopefully, I’m going on a mission to Mali or Afghanistan next year, entertaining the Swedish army forces.

Skope: What is coming up for you & where can we follow you online?