Pending Popularity: How to Brand Your Band & Gain an Audience

Branding your band is just as important as branding any business. A brand is who you are and key to gaining an audience and selling your music. Use these ideas to start building a serious fan base for your band.

Interact with Fans

This is perhaps the most important step you need to take to gain a fan following. You can do this in several ways. One of the most effective is to make sure to intermingle with the audience after your band gives any live performance. Thank everyone for coming, even if they didn’t come to see your band specifically. Attendees who both enjoyed your music and found you personable will be much more likely to recommend you to others. Being active on social media is another good way to interact with other music lovers who will hopefully then check out your music.

Have Promotional Materials

Every band should invest in quality promotional materials. You want to make sure you have a logo, use colors you want to associate with your band and offer some kind of deal to entice a sale. Get professional photos taken that you can use on posters, CDs, business cards and other promotional material. Everything about these pictures should be carefully considered, from your clothes to your teeth. For example, if you are a punk rock band, punk clothes will add to that image. Procedures like teeth whitening can improve the look of pictures and make them more effective branding material.

Connect Your Band to Other Bands

One effective way to attract an audience is to compare your band to other bands. Target fans of more famous bands that have a similar sound to your band in your advertising. Be careful that you do not violate copyright while doing this. For example, you can likely name-drop, but not use trademarked logos. You should always look to book performances with similar bands, and hopefully even open for some of your idols and influences.

Make and Perform Good Music

Good branding ultimately starts with your product. Make plenty of time for practice sessions and always strive to improve. Don’t put your band out there until you have perfected your music as much as possible. Put your best into every single performance, even if only a few people are there to watch. Don’t forget to make your CDs readily available, whether through online retailers or after each performance.

Getting your band to catch on is not always easy, but you can take steps to make it more likely. Try the suggestions mentioned above in any combination to see if they work for you. With some experimentation, you will come up with a winning combination that will grow your name recognition.