Methodology For Teaching

Teachers devise a methodology for teaching to enhance learning. Teaching methods are basically the concepts that teachers use to simplify learning and help students to understand easier and better. While these are based on the nature of subject, a learner’s levels of understanding subjects should be considered. Before coming up with these concepts, it is important to factor that students are different. While some are able to grasp learning faster and easier, there are those whose understanding levels are slower. Therefore, a good teaching method should be relative to the student’s learning capability.

When teachers are devising an appropriate teaching method, they should ensure that it can trigger both reasoning and creativity. These two factors work concurrently to enhance a student’s ability to advance in their learning. Teaching methods come in student and teacher centered approaches. In the latter approach (teacher centered method), the teacher acts as the dominant character whose function is to instill information and knowledge to the learners. Students on the other hand act like statues. In this scenario, the students are supposed to listen to lectures in preparation for an exam to test their understanding and probably intelligence levels.

Teachers remain the dominant character in a student centered method. However, the students and the teachers cooperate to make learning effective. Students do not undergo strenuous types of assessment or testing. Teachers oversee the facilitation of learning, while both informal and formal methods of assessment analyze the student’s levels of understanding. Some of the testing methods include: student projects and class involvement. When it comes to assessments, they integrate them within teaching procedures. This enables teachers to test the students simultaneously in between lessons.

Popular methodology for teaching

•Music: Today, music has become an important aspect in teaching the English language. This methodology transforms the environment in record time. However, it is important to carry out extensive music research before incorporating it in teaching. It involves questioning the students to find out their preferred songs. Using music that the students resonate with not only motivates them, it enables them to understand the language effectively. There are various ways of using music in the classroom which include:

•Use it to prepare the students: Play music when the students get in the class. Ensure that it is ideal to trigger them into discussing specific topics. Lower the volume during discussions and play it moderately once the lesson is over.

Teacher of the English language can also use music to improve student’s grammar and vocabulary.

•Demonstrations: Demonstrations are a fun method of teaching. They encourage student participation while creating fun and interest in the subject. There are little chances of students getting bored when this method is used. Teachers incorporate project experiments which trigger students to observe and reason. This way, they are able to identify the reactions or activities which happen as a result of the experiment. Students therefore, can personally relate to information they have learnt during lecturers. Demonstrations are a perfect way of ensuring that students understand lessons better.

Other teaching methods include:

•Class research

Final word

Teachers have the primary role of ensuring that students learn and understand their lessons appropriately. It is important to ensure that they apply the ideal methodology of teaching is to each student according to their individual capabilities.