Nurses shares album-length video for ‘Naughtland’

Today Nurses shares a new take on the advance album stream. Instead of a boring visualizer or mere audio stream, the band has partnered with performance artist / designer Ryan Boyle to create an album-length surveillance style video for the band’s new album, Naughtland, which is out this Friday. It’s the band’s first new release in six years.

Here’s a note from the band about the video:

“An anti-music video for the surveillance age. Perfomance artist/fashion designer Ryan Boyle is unafraid of who may be watching or what they might see. Alternating between mundane domesticity and performative domestic surrealism, he confidently lounges, stretches, dances, and indulges our voyeuristic appetite. Like the personification of the internet’s collection of cat videos, Boyle channels Bauhaus Ballet batting at a ball of string.”