5 Proven Ways that Would Make a Girl to Like You

Every mature man knows that women have a different psychology from that of men. Therefore, it is up to the man to up their inner game so that they will not end up in the friend zone, as this is the worst zone you can ever get into as a man.

How do you make that girl that you saw in an event to like you?

After reading this article, and if you follow the following tips to the latter, trust me, that girl you like will definitely reciprocate.

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1. Practice great hygiene

It is obvious that men do not put so much effort into cleanliness. However, if you want that mamacita to fall in love with you, then brush your teeth, take shower- long showers, clean your hair, and use attractive cologne at all times.

Girls are sensitive, and will notice bad odor. For instance, if you skip cleaning your teeth, then it lowers your chances of getting that kiss that you want so bad because of bad breathe.

2. Approach Her

If you notice a girl, do not just sit there and wait for her to come your way. That is unheard of!

Mature men will tell you that they lost amazing opportunities to get beautiful women because they did not take the time to approach them.

Take the first step, and let her know you exist. You will be someone that she wants to go on a date with. At first, you will be a bit nervous; but you would be shocked to know that she is nervous as well.

3. Be friends

Since you have approached her now, try to take things slow. Let her know you can make a good friend.

However, be careful because she might throw you into the friend zone. Make her time with you not only pleasant, but great. Let her know that you are the only guy who can offer what other guys in her life can’t.

4. Make her feel special

One thing that makes most girls fall in love with a man is attention. Whenever you are talking with her, keep your eyes from wandering, and sit while facing her.

Flirt with her, tease her, and treat her differently. If you have other women in your life, let her know that she is your priority. Keep from flirting with other women at all costs.

Compliment her: tell her she looks beautiful; compliment her accent if she has one; let her know that you like her dress, her smile, her makeup, among many other things.

On the other hand, some men do not understand how to balance this aspect very well: they become pushy and needy in the name of giving her attention.

This brings me to my fifth point.

5. Have your own life

Yes! She is the queen of your heart, and she knows that!

But she needs to know that you have other responsibilities, friends, and a job. If a woman wants attention from you every other time, she might be taking advantage of your weak self.

Do not just spend the whole day with her. Take time to do other things as well. Some women will feel safe around men who have other things to do. Additionally, do not over text her. If you have to chat, then you have to have time limits.

Additionally, men who have talents, such as playing the guitar or an athlete, may look sexy to women.

As you do all these things, be sure to give her some room to make her decision.

They are so easy to follow, and you can be a success at it. However, she has the final decision on whether or not she will become your girlfriend. Takeiteasyifshesaysno.