“Hojas Amarillas” New Video By Stephania Sanquiz feat. Noemi Smorra

Three weeks after its release “Hojas Amarillas” song by Stephania Sanquiz and Noemi Smorra enters Mexican chart where it is currently among the 100 most downloaded pop songs on iTunes. The pop-rock ballad that is becoming popular in Latin America and is currently in rotation on radio stations in Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela has been composed by Fernando Alba with lyrics by Kathleen Hagen and Jose Luque Ordóñez. Song is the Spanish version of “Golden Leaves” released in 2015 by Noemi Smorra for Maqueta Records in partnership with the former t.A.T.u. popstar Lena Katina, a hit that has spent many weeks at the top of the most popular music video chart on Russian TV.

Stephania Sanquiz, Venezuelan singer and actress based in US, is fresh off the success of her single “Magia Esta Aqui” in the top positions of the Billboard National Radio chart in Venezuela. Noemi Smorra is best known in Italy for her role as Lucia Mondella in popular musical “I Promessi Sposi – Modern Opera” by Michele Guardì; after her debut EP “Trasparente” two years ago, Noemi is currently in the studio to record her next Italian song scheduled for release in fall.