C.K. Flach – ‘Empty Mansions’

C.K. Flach delivers heartfelt singer-songwriter stories on the highly thoughtful “Empty Mansions”. Rather blissful, the folk-rock style adds to the emotional heft of the narratives C.K. Flach weaves over the course of the album. Guitars possess an intimate, tender quality to them. Percussion opts for just the right balance between driving the songs forwards while adding to the overall delicate spirit that permeates the entirety of the album. Melodies waft through giving the songs a welcoming presence. By far the true draw of the album comes from the incredible vocals that adorn every track, speaking of life in the city and memories of family.

Stream: https://ckflach.bandcamp.com/releases

“Lazarus” opens the album on a high note, with the graceful quality of the bass working alongside the powerful guitar riffs. Much more surreal in scope “Boxcar Dreaming” appears to soar into the heavens with such grace. Sung with true poetry “Munich” serves as the best track on the album, stripped down to the essentials whose highly detailed descriptions give it a fully lived-in presence. Barely moving beyond a whisper “Calamity” opts for a late-night meditative style. Layer upon layer intermingle with the greatest of ease on the majesty of “Empty Mansions”. Harmonica gives “Machine Gun” a rustic, powerful feeling to it as the story unfolds to reveal the innermost workings of a singular mind. Ending things with true unfiltered emotion is the soothing spoken word style of “Firmament”.

With “Empty Mansions” C.K. Flach sculpts a compassionate album, one whose soulful celebrations and observations linger in the mind long after they have ended.


By – Beachsloth.com