Pursuing God Through Music

Reaching God through music is an accepted practice in most religions. Music has enormous powers of stirring emotions, and the Bible has numerous instances of using music to thank and praise God. That music has a close connection to religion and worship, especially to Christians, bears evidence in The Old Testament. There is mention of music used for reminding God’s people about their salvation and fallibility. Music also assisted memorization of the truth of God. Again, in The New Testament, there is mention of music used by God’s people to praise him and repose higher faith on one another. Music plays an important part in the life of the Church.

It is in the scriptures

If you go through the scriptures meticulously, the mention of music and its close connection with the Lord cannot escape your attention. Psalm 150 tells us to use loud instruments when we praise Him. There is mention of King David arranging for thousands of musicians who stood before the Lord through day and night. Taking a step ahead, the King also created special instruments to facilitate praising the Lord. All these indicate that there is a close connection between music and God and the hymns, gospels, and choirs are vehicles for conveying the deepest gratitude from our hearts.

The need for accompaniment tracks

Religious songs like hymns and choirs acquire a unique appeal when backed by accompaniment tracks that provide the musical score. The Christian accompaniment tracks are gaining popularity because it upgrades the quality of singing by adding a touch of professionalism that allows achieving variety and fullness that did not exist earlier. It makes worship songs more presentable and touches the core of the hearts quickly. By using accompaniment tracks, you get access to almost every worship song that you find in the mainstream. Moreover, it gives access to wide range of instruments that you can never accommodate in a church setting.

Reaching for God through music

Let us now look into the ways music helps to worship God.

• Music binds our minds, increases attention span – The language of music is universal and creates a bond with others when we all stand in line to worship the Lord. Praying through music helps to increase the span of attention as we feel like continuing for a longer time. It provides the filler that is required for sustaining long hours of worship.
• Music makes us slow down and turn to God – We are so much busy throughout the day that we hardly find time to think about God. When we turn to music, we tend to slow down, become calm and composed and get the time to think about the goodness of the Almighty while being grateful for all we have.
• Music stokes our emotions – We feel stirred by music that touches the soul and brings us closer to God.
Ride on the wings of music and derive peace and happiness as you discover the most efficient way of expressing your faith and trust in the Almighty.