Sewing Mistakes To Avoid

Sewing is a wonderful hobby to keep yourself occupied. It is an excellent way to make a living too if you know your way around blogging and vlogging. However, most of us struggle with small but significant sewing mistakes that can ruin your Patron Couture completely. This also depletes the value of the item.

Here, we will highlight a few significant mistakes that most hobbyists, as well as professionals, make.

Not paying enough attention to the fabric

It is as simple as not making underwear out of denim. The fabric of clothing should depend on its purpose. Pants need stronger fabric; tops need softer fabric and bags need heavier fabric. This is the fundamental norm. If you want to experiment with applique designs and fabric combinations, you should consult an expert before sitting down.

Layering the prints correctly

This is a fundamental problem many of us face with sewing patterns at home. Certain patterns look good in a parallel manner. Chevron prints look better when layered horizontally. You would not want to layer horizontal stripes in the front with vertical stripes at the back. If you are going for complicated prints, always check the pattern before layering the fabric. Otherwise, you may end up with a piece that looks homemade.

Wrong interfacing

Interfacing will prevent fold, droopiness, and ripples in your stitched clothing. This will bring a crisp look to your neckline, arm holes, and hems. Make sure you fuse the interfaces correctly. This will give your creation a smooth finish, irrespective of the fabric of choice.

Ignoring the patterns

This holds true for all patterns that you can buy online. Do not ignore the patterns on the fabric or you will end up with disproportional clothing that screams “Home tailored,” inside out. Misplaced designs will create unwanted pleating or cross seams that take value away from finished pieces.

Leaving your seams unfinished

Your garment should look on the inside and the outside. Unfinished seams may be a private affair, but they are only waiting to unravel. If your ravel is near to your stitch line, soon you will end up with a hole that in unfixable with minimum patchwork.

Using the machine for sewing your hems

This is very important for adding an elegant touch to your dress or pants. You can end up ruining a very classy dress by choosing the wrong hemming style. It is common for people to get impatient when they get to the hems. You just want to finish it ASAP and wear that beautiful dress. However, a dress without the proper hand-stitched hem is as bad as ruined.

In conclusion

If you love to stitch, you will have to keep these simple tips in mind before sitting down for your next project. We have seen well-known bloggers and designers make such mistakes. The easiest way to avoid them is to sit down with plenty of time in hand and keep your calm throughout the creative process.