Minus the Bear New Video “Last Kiss”

The visuals in Minus The Bear’s new music video “Last Kiss” are as dizzying as the song’s guitar riffs. Silhouettes of the band spin against a colored background, and we glimpse views of New York City’s various landscapes against close-up performance shots. The line “We can’t see the same color/ Of light” takes on new meaning as the color palette shifts throughout the video. “Last Kiss” was produced and directed by Dan Huiting, who’s also created stunning visuals for the likes of Bon Iver and Sylvan Esso.


Video director Dan Huiting said, “when I first heard Minus the Bear’s “Last Kiss,” I instantly saw the band performing in a new, digital world that would be beautifully surreal and also very geometrically pattern inspired. I think we ended up with a video that represents the band very well, they look and sound great, and we were able to come up with some super rad effects and a piece as a whole that everyone involved is proud of.”

VOIDS is the product of significant change in the band’s world. In addition to the return to Suicide Squeeze, Minus the Bear teamed up with producer Sam Bell for the first time; and keyboardist/vocalist Alex Rose stepped up for more writing and took on some lead vocal duties. Regarding the album title, frontman Jake Snider tells Noisey, “When you have voids in your life, it’s things that are surrounding you and you have to keep going forward through that emptiness until you reach that next phase…. But you have to write about the shit that you did go through and that’s what this record is about.” With VOIDS Minus the Bear have emerged from this period of uncertainty as even stronger than before, while holding true to what has always made them unique: Drowned In Sound calls the album a “testament to a band who have never rested in their creativity, and have managed to rebuild and recreate while holding at their core the things that made them brilliant 15 years ago.”