Once Around Saturn – ‘These Promises’ EP

Sung with great passion is the 80s inflection of Once Around Saturn’s “These Promises EP”. Over the course of the EP Once Around Saturn’s retro stylings with modern framing feels reminiscent of Neon Indian’s “VEGA INTL. Night School”. Rather elaborate the songs sprawl out in a dreamy swirl of synthesized sound. Keyboards glisten with a late-night hue, for the textures linger in the mind long after they are over. Lyrics have a romantic, tender quality to them and when accompanied by the Balearic melodies that grace the album, the entire thing feels so welcoming.

“Because Jennifer (featuring Glenn Whitehall & Amanda Easton)” opens the collection up strong, with lush rich layers of sound. The light touches work best for the song, from the handclaps to the slow build of the groove. Rolling by with such grace the song is a pure celebration. Funky to its very core is the stylish “Fortress Of Love (featuring Amanda Easton)”. Easily the highlight of the song its spacious surroundings work to its ultimate benefit while the song soars into the sky. Nicely following this is the ambient breezy work of “Titan Excursion” whose light and airy sound works wonders. Ending things on a high note is the triumphant style of “These Promises (featuring Glenn Whitehall)” where the mellowed atmosphere has a contemplative quality to it.


Combining synthpop, hypnagogic pop, and ballads into a carefully constructed whole, Once Around Saturn’s “Theses Promises EP” is a blissful journey.

By – beachsloth.com