Hardwood Flooring Trends Of 2017

Hardwood floors can never go out of fashion. Thanks to technology, right now, we have a milieu of patterns, designs and stain qualities that make it impossible to tell authentic hardwood floors from engineered floors.

With each passing day, hardwood floors are gaining more popularity in the USA. Flooring trends from the leading hardfloor flooring installation Chicago are now here, within your reach, to give your home a fresh spring look.

1. Very dark, very drama
Oak or engineered oak hardwood is perfect for this one. You can also go with eucalyptus for a richer color and friendlier price. Chic black and dark gray are the best friends of modern architecture, which shuns the use of unnecessary dividers and confused walls.

2. Distressed hardwood
The hardwood does not necessarily have to be reclaimed or old for this look. Using reclaimed oak or pine is a valid option for the eco-concerned hearts. You can also pick any deep-hued engineered wood and choose a rough, worn finish to complement it. If your home does not get much direct natural light, pick a light distressed color to uplift the mood.

3. Ultra dark
This new trend can transform a humble abode to the luxurious getaway within a couple of hours. The rise in demand of ultra-dark finishing has given ebonized hardwood a new boost this year. It is perfect for homes that get much natural light. While choosing dark floors always remember the maintenance cost that comes with them. It is easier to spot dirt, grime, and scuff marks on darker wood as compared to lighter wood.

4. Gray
50 shades are not enough when we talk about this year’s gray hardwood flooring trends. The craze for gray hardwood flooring is on a steady rise this summer. If you are on a tight budget, you can also choose to stain your existing floor different shades of gray. If you are about to take on a DIY project, be very careful. Staining floor gray is not easy. Call in professionals if you need help.

5. Matte satin finish
This is new in town. Shiny is out, and it has been replaced by matte finished satin smooth floors. You can try water-based poly for getting a seamless satiny matte finish on your floor. This goes well with both lighter and darker colors.

6. Oiled floors
Oiled floors have always been and will remain a real home designer’s delight. They do not use PU for coating. Experts use oil that penetrates into the wood creating a unique patina. The texture is rather rich and luxurious. However, oiled floors need regular upkeep and re-polishing. Go for a combination of linseed and tung oil if you want the best effect. Beeswax, sunflower oil, and hemp are newer, most pocket-friendly options as well.

A house is not complete without its flooring. Just like its dwellers, the floor has to be unique. Hardwood gives a home its personality.