Rev Peter Unger – “Grace Filled Man” + “An Instrument of His Love”

Today’s quick-moving, adrenaline-pumping, studio-modified radio hits are admittedly enjoyable listens, but the reality of their general genres and arrangements is something of a “tunnel vision” episode. In other words, finding high-quality music of different genres—particularly Gospel and Blue Grass—isn’t easy, but Reverend Peter Unger’s “Grace Filled Man” provides music fans with a glimmer of hope. What’s more is that the track is perfectly suited for longtime Bluegrass and Gospel fans, as well as individuals completely unfamiliar with the genres.

Meaningful and plainly impressive lyrics open “Grace Filled Man” up right out of the gate, and interestingly, the track’s vocals become progressively more engaging as the song progresses. Undoubtedly, this is due at least in part to Reverend Peter Unger’s excellent vocal range and ability to harmonize; his voice constantly suits the relaxing string notes being plucked in the song. In terms of the song’s actual lyrical quality, though, the fact of the matter is that the Reverend’s abilities—abilities that propelled him to a finalist spot in the USA International Songwriting Competition—are simply on full display.

“An Instrument of His Love” –

Instrumentally, the acoustic-heavy track is both diverse and welcoming. To expand upon the latter point, the instruments put to use in “Grace Filled Man” will make new and longtime fans alike want to listen to the song! Similarly, the positivity and inherent appeal of the track’s instrumental portion are what make it so very fun to listen to. It’s rare for such fantastic lyrics and vocals to be carried by instruments, but then again, it’s rare to come across an artist as talented as Reverend Peter Unger.

Religious music fans—and, admittedly, non-religious music fans—are all but sure to be moved by the beauty of what is perhaps Reverend Unger’s top track, “An Instrument of His Love”. Like “Grace Filled Man”, but on a larger overall scale, the track seamlessly combines powerful vocals, thought-provoking meaning, and powerful acoustic instrumentals.

Lyrically, “An Instrument of His Love” both intrigues and satisfies one’s desire for creative, meaningful lyrics. While he’s a successful musician and songwriter, Reverend Unger undoubtedly has a career waiting for him in teaching song-writing classes, should he want it. His uncanny ability to write lyrics that radiate positivity is one that’s seldom found in any musical genre.

“Grace Filled Man” –

Similarly, the instrumental portion of “An Instrument of His Love” once again controls the flow and feel of the song in such an outstanding—but not overwhelming—way that it’s difficult to not be impressed, and also, to not want to grab a guitar and play along. The careful arrangement of notes, all of which are perfectly set-up, is plainly excellent. Any fan of instrumental music generally will be taken back by Reverend Unger’s displayed mastery in “An Instrument of His Love”.

The culmination of these points—awesome lyrics, great vocals, fantastic instrumentals, and a well-thought composition—is a song for the ages in “An Instrument of His Love”. Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, and/or Acoustic music fans cannot delay in listening, as the track—and all of Reverend Peter Unger’s other offerings—are some of the highest-quality musical offerings in recent memory.


By: Max Johnson