The Dull Blue Lights New Single ‘A Deeper Blue’

Rowdy, genre-bending quintet, The Dull Blue Lights, released a brand new single called “A Deeper Blue” last week.

The track, described by Glide Magazine as an “energetic romp exploding with garage rock riffs and boogie boogie piano”, is the latest single from The Dull Blue Lights’ upcoming self-titled debut album, due out July 13th— Fun fact: it was produced by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Benjamin Booker, Clear Plastic Masks)!

The Dull Blue Lights are a band in between. Drawing from influences as varied as Motown soul, Nuggets psychedelia, and Jamaican rocksteady, the Philadelphia-based group’s definitive blend of cascading harmonies, screaming guitars and relentlessly grooving rhythms lives somewhere between each one. The band calls this in-between sound Basement Soul. “We acknowledge that genre exists, but have no interest in confining ourselves to being just a soul band, or a mod band, or a reggae band, and on and on,” lead vocalist/guitarist, Todd Fausnacht, explains. For the band, any type of music they enjoy can become part of the Dull Blue Lights Sound. “For us personally, coming from a scene full of vintage throwback bands, it’s a refreshing change.”