Rich Relationships: Why Do Famous Musicians Divorce More Often?

If you follow gossip blogs, you understand than high profile individuals divorce more often. This reality is especially true amongst entertainers. So, one of the questions often posed about rich people is “why do famous musicians divorce more often?” Below are a few answers.

When you’re poor, stuck in a small town and unpopular, finding anyone to love you feels like a miracle. Yet, for a rich and well known singer, statistics differ. They face romantic encounters per capita more than the average Joe. As a result, it’s easier to take a spouse for granted or cheat. They have options and may choose to divorce a woman in American in order to wed another one in Spain.

Substance Abuse
Drugs and alcohol are rampant in the world of music. For this reason, musical greats like Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson and Prince died because of substance abuse. Males and females in this group also have relationship problems. Their addiction causes them to act erratically – hurting the ones closest to them. Eventually, this behavior leads to divorce

Big Egos
It seems obvious that a person who gains millions of fans, earns lots of money and is constantly told how great he or she is might develop a big ego. Therefore, famous musicians must fight against pride and other internal demons that turn the nicest person into a self-absorbed jerk. Unfortunately, some of them lose perspective. They start making unreasonable demands on others including their spouses. The end result are ruined relationships.

Distance is a word with many meanings, but within a marriage, it’s defined as trouble. Constant travel creates the kind of space between a couple that often breaks them up. Each person starts leading separate lives and if one meets someone else who satisfies their emotional needs, they leave. Famous musicians stay on the road to maintain their popularity and earn money. Unless a spouse travels with them, they often stray due to loneliness or waning intimacy.

Divorce is not a big deal to everyone. For individuals in a field of work that doesn’t value the norm or status quo, this type of mentality is prevalent. After all, most of their co-workers, friends and family carry the label of divorce with no shame. With access to a divorce lawyer with experience in high profile cases, the process may not even be inconvenient.

So, why do famous musicians divorce more often? More than others, they have options, substance abuse, big egos, distance and indifference. For this reason, keeping a marriage together is a challenge