Astair Nite – ‘Lovesick’

Astari Nite first formed in 2008 and represent a thrilling evolution of influences they derive from iconic bands like The Cure and New Order. The first single from the forthcoming EP Dreams of Majesty, “Lovesick”, shows off the four piece’s unique combination of retro guitar work, modern electronica, and energetic drumming that has helped them gain an increasing degree of notoriety during their run. They are working with top notch production talent to make this track a success; Rees Bridges, whose CV includes work with luminaries like Tears for Fears and Pete Doherty among others, gives the song the first class treatment it deserves but, in the end, it’s the song that succeeds on its own merits. Despite the elegiac tone of the piece, this isn’t a musical arrangement mired in sorrow. Instead, Astari Nite are vividly alive from the first seconds and even those unfamiliar with this style will likely find much to admire about this performance.


It begins with the synths and guitar work laying an urgent groundwork while the drumming sets an impressive pulse behind them. The guitars in this song tend to cluster and the effect is quite pleasing. Lead singer Michael Ghost has some post-production effects applied to his voice, but his Bowie-esque vocal turns will impress all but the most cynical and never sound imitative. The song builds to some impressive peaks, particularly on the chorus, and the arrangement has some surprising moments that increase the dramatic effect. The band’s lyrical content, considering the subject matter, could easily lapse into melodrama and histrionics, but they resolutely avoid any of those potential pitfalls and instead offer listeners a bitingly sincere lyric that will affect even hardened hearts,. This is impassioned music and impossible to escape once you begin listening.

The song, likewise, never overextends itself. This is thanks, in largest part, to its note perfect construction that eschews heavy handed theatrics in favor of communicating directly as possible with the band’s audience. If you are looking for guitar heroics or bigfooted drums, you will not find those here. The band does offer up some in the way of atmospherics, but they seem like a natural outgrowth of the subject matter rather than some ill-advised attempt to balloon the song into significance it does not naturally possess. The accompanying video for the song shows the band has a strong visual sense and the images are well chosen for the lyric and its subject matter. Long lasting careers are not made overnight, usually, and Astari Nite’s steady chipping away at success and artistic worth has lead this Florida based band to inch ever closer to assuming their rightful position as one of the most important post New Wave acts working today. Label them however you like, this, in the end, is solid songwriting full of inspiration and deep feeling. “Lovesick” will reach iside you and reveal hidden corners of your heart and memories long forgotten.

Jason Hillenburg