Death Saddle Syndicate – ‘You Whisper Loud’

With a clear nod to 70s arena rock, Death Saddle Syndicate create a sound that embodies what rock should be with “You Whisper Loud”. Deserving to be blasted as loudly as possible, the song drives forward with great purpose. Bluesy with a powerful physicality to it, the song feels alive. Everything works in perfect unison from the dominating yet dreamy vocals to the way the riffs rage on with great purpose. At times Death Saddle Syndicate delve into an infectious groove, one that remains constant even as they show off their impressive mastery of the sound.

Not a moment is wasted in getting started. The guitars start things up for they are truly the anchors of the sound. Once the drums hit they stop for nothing. With a heavy playful sound, the song has a wild unhinged spirit to it. Vocals perfectly sync up with the instrumental madness to it. Upon hearing the vocals become increasing more crazed the song knows how to veer into near chaos before neatly scaling it back. Moving back and forth between a carefully controlled tempo and something far less predictable results in a song that feels so free. About halfway through the piece they delve into slight elements of funk alongside gorgeous soloing. Eventually all of this comes to a head as the song truly veers out of control towards the song’s fevered pitch of a finale.

On “You Whisper Loud” Death Saddle Syndicate tap into the very spirit of rock n’ roll with an approach that simply stuns.

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