Roadcase Royale – ‘Get Loud’

Whenever a band uses the word “loud” in their song titles, let alone lyrical context, it could go both ways, be a good track, or be a bad track. In the case of rock and r&b act, Roadcase Royale, they have a little track they like to call “Get Loud”.

This debut song turned single, will make its mark upon the music scene, on which day, of all days well St. Patrick’s Day of course, come March 17th 2017. But for those wondering as to how it plays out and sounds, you get the glimpse right here, right now. Well “Get Loud” is not loud, like not “in your face” loud but loud as far as the lyrical context, having the word loud, in the mix, quite a bit, but the instrumentals with vocal chords used throughout, is just loud enough. The melodies and beat tone are indeed rock, while the vocal chords are r&b based, with some glare of smooth rock, crosses with smooth jazz sort of, it has that momentum to it.

The song itself, is fine, it sounds decent, and is catchy, and upbeat, lyrics being there to move along, with everything else, as it progresses the song forward, having it be one of those tracks, that goes round and round. Like a never ending type of track, as you listen to it, you can find yourself listening to it, more than once, if not more than that even. That’s what this song does to the listener, you end up having yourself, hearing it just more and more, that’s what happened on my end anyway. After hearing it, quite a few times, it got better actually, with each new time heard. The song kept the energy of the music alive, and it kept getting more catching to the ear, being more beatable to hear. It’s one of those toe tapping songs if that makes sense or has you take notice of it.

That said, the band itself is made up and lead by former Prince collaborator Liv Warfield and Nancy Wilson, co-founder of Heart. While the rest of the band has lead guitarist and musical director Ryan Waters and Heart veterans Dan Rothchild (bass), Ben Smith (drums) and Chris Joyner (keys). Each band member showing off their own source of style, of creating a style all their own, but yet it brings out the group’s sensitive, passionate, and driving force, of the music.

In any case, Roadcase Royale, has got this song turned single for “Get Loud” it’s a debut efforts on their part, and it is everything you could want or expect from a rock meets r&b styled sounding band to be. They have got the creative side to knowing how to write, record, and release music, playing and writing the lyrics to go with it all, goes well and makes sense, that has it all come together full circle. Their style would be something of the earlier times of music, like perhaps late 90s to early to mid 2000’s, is where these guys can be placed. Sounding like any other act out there as of currently, probably would be Simply Red and Coldplay, just slightly though.

By: Natalie Perez