Prime Ministers New Single “Satisfied”

“Satisfied is our song about relationships and our expectations of others,” front man Ernesto Estrada explains. “This song turned into being our show opener because it grabs people right away and has a great tempo. At the end of the day with relationships you are either satisfied or you’re not.”

Hailing from our southern shores in the Wynwood section of Miami, FL, PRIME MINISTERS’ no-bullshit and straight-to-the-point message is clear. The quartet is ready to invade the US with the release of Asymmetric. With accolades under their belt including electrifying performances at Columbia’s Rock Al Parque, SXSW, and Great Escape, the four-piece craft songs reflective of their diverse life observations and self-proclaimed simplicity, while drawing from their roots of various rock influences and an array of boisterous guitar-driven eras. Make no mistake. PRIME MINISTERS are not a Latin band. They are a fucking rock band that write songs around the world as they see it around them.