How to Make Money For Studio Time

Starting out your music career can be tough, even with the amount of exposure which you can get for free using the internet, the same challenges that artists faced years ago are still the same, getting money for studio time.

The thing with getting in the studio is that you want to be able to pay for quality time, not just an hour to get in and cut a track, although if that’s all you can afford then that’s what you gotta do right? If you are serious about your music career then picking up a 9-5 job just doesn’t work, you need to time to work on your material and produce the highest quality that you can. If you are struggling to pay for your studio time then here are some ways to boost your income.


The best way to learn your craft and a great way to make money is though taking on as many gigs as humanly possible. Get your name out to bars and clubs in the local area and beyond, and never say no to a gig. You may be playing to 10 people in a smoky back room or 100 people at a Bar Mitzvah, it isn’t important, what is important is that you are playing live music and collecting a check so that you can invest in more studio time.

Online Gambling

Gambling online can prove to be a great source of income if you know what you are doing and you can spend your hours in-between practice at an online casino making big money for studio time. If you aren’t sure of the best way to go about this then you just need to look online, there are plenty of guides and strategies which will show you the best ways to make big wins. Remember not to go crazy with your funds, the lure of a jackpot is always there but you need to resist the temptation to blow your cash, keep it simple and small and collect those winnings.


If you are a musician then you can give out lessons to school kids or enthusiasts who are looking at learning to play a musical instrument. This is not only a great way to ensure that you get sufficient practice in but also a great way to make extra cash for studio time. On top of all of this, watching someone improve thanks to your teaching is a very rewarding experience.

Sell Your Music

You can gain exposure through social media, YouTube and even your own blog and once you have some tracks down, you can easily sell them through the likes of iTunes. You may not go platinum just yet but selling your music can make you some pocket change which you can invest in studio time. Make sure that you do all that you can to get your name and your music out there and put together an EP so that people can get their hands on your stuff.