Daphne Willis – ‘Freaks Like Me’

Daphne Willis creates downright decadent pop confections on “Freaks Like Me”. Neatly bringing together jazz, RnB, with a hint of the theatrical there is something freewheeling throughout the collection. A sense of fun informs the entirety of the album with every song playing off the last. With every song treated as a chapter in a much longer story the lyrics are high articulate, clever, and emphasize the multifaceted approach of the pieces. Her voice rises above it all possessing a true sense of play, further highlighting the humor that is an inherent component of the overall sound.

With a jazzy introduction “Freaks Like Me” paints a strange, off-kilter style one balancing between flirtation and mystery. Following up on this is the bombastic beats of “Dopamine” where Daphne Willis offers up a tight magnificent vocal delivery. Slowing things down a bit is the reflective poignant message of “Somebody’s Someone”. A spirit of community informs the pure optimism of “Keep On Keepin’ On”. Stripping things down to the essentials is the sly groove of “Lose Control” easily the highlight of the entire album. Downright luxurious the song’s sprawling nature is a pure joy. Rushing through is the fantastic defiance of “Unafraid”. Closing the album off on a regal note is the elegant “The Letter” whose introspective mood and glistening organ work is deeply moving.


“Freaks Like Me” offers up a wonderful, graceful album one that displays Daphne Willis’ impeccable ear for melody and incredible voice.

By – beachsloth.com