Jason Andrew Brown – ‘Jason Andrew Brown’

Sung straight from the heart Jason Andrew Brown’s assured self-titled debut is an absolute joy. Nicely merging elements of funk, indie rock, folk, and hard rock all framed within a pop structure the songs are simply stunning. Front and center is Jason Andrew Brown’s strong confident voice which rings out true. The songs offer small snapshots of the ups and downs that make up a life, from reflection to introspection with everything in between. Attention to detail means that everything positively shines, from the blissful guitar work to the laid-back mellow rhythms that glide by with a leisurely sensibility.

Opening the collection off on a strong note is the lovely “Shine Sun Shine”. Within this singular song the celebratory party spirit is in full force. The organ vamps grace the sound as everything is gorgeous. A full-band sound guides the song forward. Much more folk-inspired is the light and airy arrangement of “Stranger”. Easily the highlight of the collection is the intimacy of “Emptiness Is Forever”. Stripping things down to the essentials Jason Andrew Brown’s voice is pitch perfect. Strength and power define the bombastic spirit of “Make Time”. Over the course of this piece the beats hit hard with the song a wonderful rush of sound. A downtrodden narrative unfolds over the course of the collection closer “Icarus” which reflects upon life’s little tragedies.


Tasteful and timeless, Jason Andrew Brown’s self-titled debut lingers in the mind long after it has ended.

By – beachsloth.com