BBERLAY “Brassy” Video

Introducing the Detroit-born, Brooklyn-based Brassy icon, Bberlay. Her new video + single, “BRASSY” works as an unapologetic statement of intent, kicking the door in for a new generation of ghetto-tech and B-more Club music-inspired rap for the counter-culture. Visually, Bberlay is high fashion with a street edge, rocking teeny-tiny poom poom shorts & her signature bling-bling nails. “Brassy” is soon to be a worldwide vocable. After unleashing her first single leading to the release of a full length mixtape Bberlay will intrude the scene reminding everyone where it all began.

“BRASSY” features production from Baltimore legend Mighty Mark, and was recorded and mixed by David Sisko in NYC. The video is bold and to the point, displaying a colorful collection of high end fashion, featuring Nicky Ottav, one of New York’s most popular club kids.