Christina Rubino “Down To The Sea” Video

Christina Rubino’s last video for “Godspeed and Guns” taught us several things. First, she’s an exceptionally talented artist with an uncanny knack for songwriting. Second, she’s not afraid to broach and humanize complex subjects in her lyrics. Finally, she executes her vision with stunning efficiency.

In her new video “Down To The Sea,” she brings all of those traits back to the table to serve up a fantastic feast for the senses. With Godspeed and Guns producer Jerry Farley making his directorial debut, Rubino strikes a delicate balance that brings a community into an incredibly personal journey.

For Christina it’s been quite a journey so far. Her accolades run pages deep online, each one celebrating what we’ve come to cherish; her music, her bravery, and her vision. Each portion of that equation is beautifully showcased in “Down To The Sea,” a piece of true catharsis. With a gorgeous candle lit performance as the backbone, the video quietly follows Christina as she awakens on the cold, empty Coney Island beach. While she comes in and out of sleep she remembers the massive New Year’s celebration on the boardwalk from the previous night when it all seemed to come apart at the seams. When she awakens once more, she finds herself surrounded by thousands of energized revelers who are moments away from taking an icy bath to start their new year (Christina seized on the annual Polar Bear Plunge for this shoot)