Catherine Pierce Goes Solo With “You Belong To Me” Debut

Better known as one half of the Los Angeles-based indie-pop sister-duo, The Pierces, Cat Pierce—known simply as “Cat”—makes her return to the spotlight in 2017, this time as a solo artist. She brings with her, a collection of fresh, expansive and emotionally eclectic songs, starting with the release of hypnotic debut single, “You Belong To Me.”

Written by Cat and produced by Jason Lader (Frank Ocean, James Blake, Andre 3000) and Leggy Langdon (Banks, Mr. Little Jeans, Alex Vargas), “You Belong To Me” transports the listener into a bold sonic landscape that draws from sounds of both the past and the future. Slinky synths, tempered percussion and piano flourishes set the scene, with Cat’s haunting vocal rising above the decidedly dark production.

A self-proclaimed psychedelic, spiritual explorer, Cat has spent the past few years visiting the jungles of Peru, the deserts of Joshua tree, and hills of Hollywood, delving inward via meditation and psychedelic plants. These adventures reveal a fresh perspective on Cat, both as an individual artist and as a songwriter. The songs pull from a multitude of life experiences ranging from the trepidations of being a woman in the modern world to the heartache of being in love with a heroin addict, to the peace she’s found battling her depression and anxiety through unconventional methods. With lyrics that are wise, witty, and cutting and melodies that swing from elation to melancholy within a single song, Cat has grown into a unique and undeniable artist.