Snohomish, Washington’s very own blues/rock sensation Under The Puddle is working hard to make a big splash in the music industry in 2016. Their debut album “Moody Autumn” was released on March 31st and distributed by Distro KID. It is currently available on all major streaming networks and available for purchase on ITunes and the band’s website.

The band has seen moderate success since the album release via their promotional efforts and through their charitable activities. The band has taken an activist approach to raising awareness about access to clean drinking water in their own state. Under The Puddle has recently been featured in the Snohomish News (link) and Skope Magazine (link) for their charitable campaigns of handing out clean drinking water and raising awareness.
Currently with the upcoming release of their first music video the band hopes to broaden their fan base via exposure and continuing to raise awareness about clean drinking water through their charitable activities.