A career as a DJ can be fun, exciting and have an amazing pay off. The trick is getting past the part where you are poor and just getting started, to the part where you are raking in the dough. Here are five money saving tips to help you on your way.

1. Use It If You’ve Got It!
There is no shame in working with whatever equipment you have on hand. Odds are, if you are trying to start a career as a DJ, then you have already got some equipment stashed away. Take pride in using those old headphones grandma got you for your 16th birthday while you work and save for better gear.

2. Buy Used Gear
Most DJs start out using equipment they got second hand. As long as you are smart about your purchases you will be able to put used gear to good use and then resell it to invest in better equipment. Whether you start out with new or used equipment you will want to make sure it’s protected with good rack cases. This gear is your livelihood after all, so a few sturdy rack cases are a great investment.

3. Music
You can’t be a successful DJ without music. Don’t feel like you have to invest a small fortune on music just yet. Check out free sources to get you started. There are lots of musicians and producers who give away one or two songs for free. Be smart about your music selections and you can definitely get started without paying much upfront for your tunes.

4. Don’t Pay For Software
While you are just starting out, take advantage of the free DJ software options such as Virtual Mix Pro or Mixx. Being a good DJ is more about knowing your audience and knowing how to match beats. As long as you have that under control free software will do just fine for now.

5. Don’t Pay For Marketing…At Least Don’t Pay A Lot
Now that you have the system and the sounds, you need to get the gigs. Don’t pay big money to advertise. Think outside the box instead. Sites like Craigslist will let you advertise for free. Have a logo design in mind? Draw it out and print up fliers. Most locally owned businesses will let you post your flyer or even leave a stack. Don’t forget to hit up any local bars that bring in mobile DJs. Also check out our other article “5 Tips for Music Marketing Success.”

Combining these tips, your passion and some ingenuity and you will be well on your way to the DJ career of your dreams.