Whether your tastes run to Metallica or Taylor Swift, Kanye West or Kajagoogoo, we all have our dream concerts – the artist that we’ve been waiting to see forever, but they never seem to come to town. When you finally score those precious tickets, just be sure not to make any of these mistakes, making what should be a night to remember into something you’ll never forget (but for all the wrong reasons.)

Don’t Buy Counterfeit Tickets
If you’re not able to get tickets from the venue, ticket resellers are often the only way to get inside and see the show. While the major resellers like Stub Hub offer protection against fake tickets, at the very least refunding your purchase, if not your time, there’s no such protection against fraud when you buy your tickets on Craigslist or from a scalper outside the venue. Look at your tickets carefully, check the dates, and be very leery of buying from someone who you can’t follow up with if there’s a problem.

Don’t Overindulge
Whether you’re enjoying a few beers in the parking lot beforehand or a couple cocktails during the show, know your limits. No one wants to be tossed out of the venue for being unruly. Even worse, a great show where you had a little too much fun can sour very quickly if you get a DUI on the way home. Professionals, like those at Great Northern Insurance Agency, know that five years of having to pay for high-risk SR-22 insurance is not worth any amount of fun. Plus, you want to remember the show the next day.

Make Sure You Show Up
It seems simple, but make sure you know where the venue is, how to get there, and what traffic and parking are like before you leave the house. Give yourself enough time to get there; even if you only miss a few songs, your favorite song might be one of them. And, if there’s multiple shows that week, check the date on your ticket; no one will feel sorry for you if you show up a day late.

There’s no better way to ruin a good time than to be with someone who doesn’t want to be there. If your significant other doesn’t like Bruce Springsteen, don’t drag them along. Your enjoyment of the show will be quickly squashed as their body language gets more and more miserable as the hours roll by. If they’re not having fun, neither are you.