The Front End – “Growing Pains” EP


The Front End sings the song of the downtrodden with their “Growing Pains EP”. Offering a series of portraits from varying degrees of disappointment, the pieces feel pitch perfect in how they capture some of the frustrations that can disrupt a life, from photos from a picture perfect vacation while they linger around alone, to missed messages via the failures of modern technology. Everything works together perfectly recalling Siltbreeze releases from the early 90s. With the right mixture of indie and punk rock, the pieces positively teem with life.


Opening the EP on a very high note is the humorous narrative of “Mandingo”. Drums are as emotional as they are important in keeping the rhythm. With a sense of loss, the piece moves forth with great energy. Giddy in nature is the rather bright colors of “Uncle Tony”. Throughout the song they explore the slow build as they work themselves into a frenzied, fevered pitch. By far the highlight of the EP is the balance between delicacy and chaos on “Toes In the Sand”. Attention to detail is everything as they display a great amount of dexterity throughout the piece as it gradually adds to the driving, pounding rhythm. Ending the collection off with a shaggy dog story of sorts is the mellowed out vibes of “Missed Connections”.

Downright incredible, the Front End create songs with true heart on their “Growing Pains EP”. This is music at its most honest.

By Beach Sloth