The popularity of online gaming is massively increasing with each year, as more and more fervid players are leaving brick-and-mortar casinos and joining the online community, where gaming is just as high-quality but also more easily accessible via both desktop and mobiles.

One of the biggest reasons for joining an online casino is the opportunity to make some money without any of the expenses involved in playing at a land-based casino like hotel stay, transportation, drinks, etc, and all that within the comfort of your home. But, just like anything else in life that can bring your profits, if you are to make some money the smart way you will need some sort of a system or a guide. Well, if you had the same thought, check out these tips on how to make money in an online casino:

Research the House Edge and Odds
Before you start wagering, decide which games you will play. Games like Blackjack, Poker, or Baccarat can be more profitable as long as you know what you’re doing, but games like Keno will not give you very high odds.

The same goes for a game of Roulette, where you will get a 50/50 chance, which is not bad, but not at all profitable when you play for long. For example, a 50% bet will let you win only slightly above what you wagered, which means that in the course of a 200 spins the increasing house edge will take all your money. This is why it’s important to research the house edge and odds of each game before you start playing.

Find the Most Profitable Game
Apart from card games (which require a certain set of skills and strategies) one of the most solid methods of making money in an online casino is choosing progressive slot games with a high jackpot. Most quality progressive slots have a low house edge which you can find listed online and they are much more profitable in the long run in terms of wagering money VS winning, as opposed to the non-progressive slots.

The massive jackpot is also a sign that the slot will reach a breaking point soon, which you can approximately predict by researching the previous winnings. For example, if a jackpot is steadily won every 3-4 weeks on average, then you can play around that time.

Of course, games can never be fully predicted – the only thing you can do is increase your chances slightly.

Hunt for Bonuses and Free Spins
One of the first obvious ways to end up with more money in your casino account is to find good bonuses that will have decent wagering requirements and conditions. Most casinos will offer several types of bonuses, but before you settle on one-two casinos, check out what kind of promotions they offer and read the fine print.

However, don’t expect the bonuses to completely make up for the house edge because nowadays almost every promotion is created without any special advantages to the player. But still, it’s always good to have some bonus money than to have none.

Play Higher Bets
Playing higher bets sounds risky, and it is in a way, but it’s also a sound move. For example, most casinos will have higher play-through requirements on their bonuses that will have a time limit. By betting higher bets (like $5 instead of $1) you will complete the play through conditions faster, which means you can cash out your bonus winnings faster as well. Another advantage is that the more you bet the higher your winnings will be, i.e. you can end up with more money that what you initially wagered. However, whatever you do just try to remember never to go too far from your budget or get carried away.

Find a Reputable Casino
Before you create your casino account, the first step would be to research the casino. The worst thing that can happen to a player is to win enough money, only to find out that the casino will delay or deny your payments, or even require of you to fulfill ridiculous terms that you didn’t know you signed up for. That’s why you should always read reviews and players complaints before you join a casino.

Be Financially Smart
One of the most common mistakes made by online gamers is forgetting to plan a budget. If you want to make money out of casino games, you will have to look at your playing habit just like a business investment. This means setting a budget to spend and rationing it to last you over a certain period of time until you see your projected returns.

One of the best starting points is to decide the full amount and divide it by hundred. The 1% you get will be your wagering amount that you should never exceed. Once you get that, plan your wagers to last you over your specified time-frame.

Quit while you’re Ahead
Once you start wining and you’ve reached you projected returns, never let your greediness lead you on to a path of losing everything that you’ve won. This is one of the most common problems players face once they start wining.

The same can be said for burning through your planned budget. If you’ve already lost what you planned for that session, step away so you can collect your thoughts and plan your next move. Never cross your limits, whatever the outcome.

Practice Strategies Outside of the Casino
One sound advice that applies to all card players is to learn some strategies and practice the game without the risk of burning too much money. You can do this by playing with plastic chips or some small change with your friends, until you can learn the ropes. And if you’re too advanced for your social circle, you can also download simulators and play against AI software to keep your edge.

Stay Focused and Well Rested
And finally, the best advice you can get is to never lose your focus or hit a burnout. Always stick to your schedule and budget and try to stay sharp. If you notice you’re not up to your best or you’re crossing a line that you can’t return from, step away and rest. A good idea is to set some reminders around your gaming zone.