Had you have met Peter Hewison growing up you wouldn’t have imagined he’d become a musician. And you certainly wouldn’t have guessed he’d go on to mastermind the alternative pop-rock band Heath. But sometimes life takes you down unexpected byways, and in those cases the best you can do is heed to the voice of intuition and follow her whisper. That’s how Heath came about. And it’s the impetus behind the group’s material which meanders along the side streets overlooked by bands such as The Verve, Coldplay and REM.


“There was little music in my house growing up,” Hewison explains. “I got into music because my best mate at school got into it and bought a guitar. Obviously I had to have one too. My mum bought me a cheap Stratocaster copy. I had no idea how to even tune it let alone play it, so I took it back to the shop and asked him to do it for me.”

Based in the UK, Hewison went on to study music for eight years. He absorbed an array of influences ranging from Motown to classical to Latin jazz, pop and everything in between. After honing his skills both as an instrumentalist and vocalist, he set out on his own and eventually formed the band Heath.

In June 2016 Heath released its debut single “Back Up Now.” Heart-rending and driven by swooning vocals, the band’s music is full of rich melodies and alt-rock aesthetic – perhaps that’s why the music video for track garnered more than 20,000 views within days of its release. Follow up single ‘Old Town’ is a hit waiting to happen again, matching rich melodies and harmony with soaring guitar and beautiful wordplay. Currently at work on a new EP titled “Universe” Heath have plans to take the stage this fall.

“My songs are stories that relate basic human emotions – strength, love, romance, camaraderie and loss – told with candour and honesty; I hope it comes across in the music and that fans can relate the songs to their own life stories.”