“Electric U” may derive its inspiration from the disco days of yore, yet in doing so Kid Bloom creates a thoroughly refreshing entry into the world of contemporary music. With the popular trend of musical sound leaning towards dark electronic trap, the jovial horns and violin strings of “Electric U” remind us that music is at its heart layers of instrumentation, or as the band lovingly calls it, “glittery arrangements.” Kid Bloom (a young quintet) says the new track is incredibly fun to play live — though such is easily inferred from the infectious groove of the pop/disco blend. “Every time I need my fix, I can get it,” repeats Lennon Kloser through the song’s chorus, a sentiment fans will hope is true for them as well, as they clamor for more material from the promising new band. Kid Bloom’s upcoming single, Electric U, will be featured on the soundtrack for Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the 1996 blockbuster starring Will Smith.