Bryan Deister – “Spines of the Heart”


Bryan Deister’s “Spines of the Heart” searches for the light in the darkness. These songs are brittle beautiful fragments sung straight from the heart. Haunting melodies dominate the album as they effortlessly mesh with the industrial washed grey rhythms. By implementing such a tremendous amount of power Bryan Deister’s voices feels akin to him singing against an unknowable system, one which appears to be seemingly indifferent to suffering. Optimism rests at the core of the album as it is utilized quite effectively to reflect upon the emptiness that can threaten to consume a person. His clever lyricism and the fragile melodies offer a light of sorts.

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Glimmering melodies introduce the album on “All That I Have”. As the song progresses the distortion threatens to rear its ugly head throughout the piece. When it eventually does it is quite a cathartic release a mixture of industrial and shoegaze textures never quite fitting into either genre. Anxious in tone is the hyperactive work of “Responding Well”. Classical elements dominate on the reflective “Approaching”. Easily the highlight of the album is the triumphant sound of “Into The Sky”. A fantastic dreamy sound defines the colorful nature of “Emily”. Tones layered upon tones create a warm comforting sound that at times feels reminiscent of drone greats Stars of the Lid. Reminiscent of Chris Weisman’s work is the intimate “Vacant Eyes”. Closing the album is the brilliant work of “Apart Of Me”

Smart and stylish with a unique voice, Bryan Deister’s “Spines of the Heart” is a soothing infinitely enjoyable album one to get lost in.

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