Natalie Jean – “Looking Back”

Looking Back _POST

Natalie Jean’s “Looking Back” is a stylish sophisticated piece of alternative pop. Turning the idea of the love song on its head the message is one of defiance. Lyrics explore the idea of a relationship and all the complications it necessitates. Anchored by a solid beat and a catchy hook, the piece comes together cautiously. By focusing on the song’s effortless buildup the song grows ever larger and larger before coming into full focus. Sounds reverberate throughout the expansive space, letting Natalie Jean set the atmosphere, of disappointment in a former partner.

“Looking Back”

The spacious melody opens up the song on a high note. As the beat comes into view the song truly gets started. Natalie Jean’s voice is emotive as she sings about the wrong person, the person who truly did the worst by manipulating the relationship. When the chorus joins it feels like reassurance almost. Each additional flourish of sound is felt completely as the economic structure of the piece lets each element shine through. “Looking Back” gets to the heart of the matter by the final third of the track, as the relationship is explained completely. Relationships can be particularly cruel when they are from an imbalance of power. Towards the finale of the track everything comes together as all the elements are amplified.

Effortlessly bringing together elements of pop, EDM, and dub, Natalie Jean creates a song of astounding dark beauty with “Looking Back”.

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