The song “DK6” is off Milán’s self-titled debut EP and was produced by Jim Orso (Holy Ghost!, Hot Chip etc.). The video was directed by Jen Wilmeth, an award winning director/producer (Pride: the Series), and features dance choreography by Karen Niceley, who has danced at the Metropolitan Opera, Cirque de Soleil and in The Color Purple (Broadway).

“DK6” stands for “Devil King of the 6th Heaven”. It is an expression that comes from Buddhist philosophy. (SGI Buddhism, chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”) It’s a metaphor for the negativity that’s inherent in all life, that tries to prevent people/us from becoming happy and living the lives we want to live. The function of DK6 is to suck out your life force, take away your joy, confidence, conviction, strength. (As opposed to your Buddha nature, which is the most positive force.) So when DK6 is in the house, it means trouble!