Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show – Episode 1074 “It’s Our Season For Music Celebration”


The Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show is proud to present the latest episode in their Rock N’ Roll TV Show series, “It’s Our Season For Music Celebration”, bringing the audience 7 talented independent artists in 1 special ½ hour TV show. This Bongo Boy TV produced episode premiered Tuesday, 16th February 2016 in Portland, OR on Channel 29 at 10:30 pm with rotation repeated for 2 weeks on all channels in the
Bongo Boy TV National Region.

Full of restless energy, Electric River’s “Phony Radio” is a celebration of sound. The taut groove works wonders with infectious guitar riffs throughout. Vocals possess great commanding power, with a sense of reassurance marking the joy embedded within the piece.

Willie Nile sing straight from the heart on “American Ride”. Stripped down to its absolute essentials the song’s impeccable arrangements recall Bob Dylan’s wide-eyed wonder with Americana. Lyrics color in the entirety of the song as Willie Nile’s reverent awe of the American experience is palpable.


A true sense of play defines the rambunctious “Boots On, Rock Off” by Dust Bowl Jokies. The song demands to be played loud, ridiculously loud. Glam rock at its best, everything about it simply works from the blistering guitar to the rhythm’s unrelenting spirit.

Playful to its very core, Jon Mullane’s “My New American Girl” is pop perfection. Jon Mullane recalls Weezer’s self-titled debut. Irresistible to its core the song’s driving rhythm meshes with Jon Mullane’s sweet ode to a new kind of modern love.

Starkly beautiful, Egon and Pepso’s “Anger” takes a minimalist approach. Their insistent grey industrial churn is aptly suited for the bleak subject of breakups. Nicely balancing the propulsive rhythm is occasional glimpse of tender beauty shown through careful usage of piano, at times trying to reach a sense of piece while still working through the loss of love.

Romy Conzen’s “Cruel To Be Kind” takes off on full blast. A funky sensibility takes hold as the song carefully bounces along full of undeniable energy. Her voice shines through serving as the heart and soul of the song. Rhythms stop and start on a dime as the guitar riffs are full of defiance.

Ending things on a dreamy note is the flirtatious “Girl” by Scary Cherry and The Bangs Bangs. With a clear fondness for the theatrical the clever work recalls some of David Bowie’s best 70s work. A pure pleasure everything works from the catchy melody to the unforgettable lyrics.

Featured Videos & Artist/Bands:

From England Electric River – Phony Radio
Music Video Director: Electric River

New York Rocker Willie Nile and his lyrics music video “American Ride”
Music Video Director: Willie Nile Team

From Sweden Dust Bowl Jokies- Boots On, Rock Off
Music Videos Director:

From Canada Jon Mullane and his award winning music video “American Girl”
Music Video Director: John Rosborough

From Slovakia Egon and Pepso and the music video “Anger”
Music Video Director: Egon and Pepso

From Belgium Romy Conzen and her music video “Cruel To Be Kind”
Music Video Director: Joachim del Puppo

From Texas – Scary Cherry and The Bang Bangs – Girl
Music Video Director: Aurelia Baker and Scary Cherry

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