A relationship can survive for a long time when it earns respect. Respecting your partner is something you need to practice. However, the daily workloads and other official commitments do not allow a person to empathize the feelings of his or her partner. If you are the one desperately seeking help, then go through the following tips.

Define Strong Boundaries
When you enter into a relationship, you should clearly define how you like to be treated and explain the kind of behavior that is acceptable to you. You should ensure that your partner does not manipulate you. If that happens, you would lose respect. There should be mutual setup where you agree to respect your partner’s boundaries if those differ from yours.

Stick to Honesty
Maintain honesty while pursuing a relationship. Being honest would also generate trust for you from your partner. When trust is developed, then trivial issues can be dealt in a smart way.

Give Your Partner a Chance to Earn Your Respect
Respect is a mutual attribute to build a full proof relationship. It is always advantageous to the relationship for allowing your partner to earn respect rather than having it unconditionally. People develop interest on those things through which they are tested for their sincerity. While maintaining a relationship, your partner should know that respect works both ways and both persons need to put effort to fulfill the respect-paying goal.

Find Authentic Ways of Maintaining Relationship
You should always ensure to build a relationship based on authenticity. Being authentic means you respect your core beliefs, values, and aspirations. Your authenticity is always admirable by your partner and it can be useful in different situations. You should not feel disappointed on disagreeing with your partner over an issue. Your partner would respect your opinion when you take steps in calm, polite and respectful manner. There is no need of changing your values, beliefs or sense of humor in order to please your partner. The prime aim is to build integrity, which your partner would respect.

Keep Your Promise
Do not act in a flaky manner while maintaining a relationship. If you have promised your partner about a duty or a fulfillment of a favor, fulfill the same. Fulfilling promise also works on long-term goals. An authentic person is determined to fulfill the ultimate purpose of life. You can gain more insights when you access superb relationship ebook –

Never Become Jealous
Many people have experienced jealousy at some point in their life. Some people can also predict when their partner could become jealous. A highly self-esteemed person deploys suitable means when he or she senses a situation of jealousy and brings the situation under control.

Praise Your Partner Whenever Required
You should make a note of positive works, which your partner performs, for you. Be grateful for things that your partner does for you. Praising your partner most of the time would mark an improvement in your relationship. When you praise your partner during times when it is deserved, you also help him or her to act as best self.

Become Self-Reliant
Do not become preachy. No person can bring transformation in your life except you. A person who lives his or her life through a partner or depends carelessly would start to become a burden. You can always seek advice or favor from your partner. However, in order to overcome the issue of emotional fragility, you do not have to seek the advice of others.

Be well rounded while maintaining a relationship. Have open-mindedness and look for solutions that would bring positive influence in your life. As long as you strive to the best person, you can keep trying to improve on any areas of weakness and you would definitely earn respect from your partner.

Author Bio – Hans Tank is a life coach and offers consulting services on improving the relationship between partners. He also provides his experience and inputs for various relationship ebooks like –