Mr. Ray – ‘No Room For Bullies’


Ray Andersen, better known as Mr. Ray, is an accomplished musician who has had much success in the area of Children’s music for the last 20 years. Mr. Ray was 2013 & 2014 Top 10 Best-Selling Kids’ Artist according to Billboard Magazine and should be this year too with ‘No Room For Bullies’. This new album was in the works for four years and Mr. Ray has finally brought it to life. The suicide of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers student, along with abuse of a close family was the fire that fueled this project for Mr. Ray. Kids that are between the ages of 8 and 13 would be the target audience here but the beauty of ‘No Room For Bullies’ is that anyone & everyone can thoroughly enjoy this record. Mr. Ray writes and performs songs that appeal to the innocent minds of children and teens while also drawing in adult listeners with his superb playing and professional, mature quality that’s second to none. ‘No Room For Bullies’ features 12 songs that are all so darn catchy, fun and educational but far from your conventional “kiddie” style music. Each and every song on the record will stick to you like Krazy Glue just like a popular song would on the radio.

The album starts out with a bang on ‘No Room For Bullies’ featuring a slick rap mixed with Mr. Ray’s cool rock sound. The anti-bully theme song has arrived! The second single, “The Rainbow World”, is shining bright with kids singing on the chorus and the lyrics stressing that we all may be different but in the end we’re all one. Treating one another with respect and kindness is the theme here where the gold isn’t just at the end of the rainbow but throughout for all to see & love. Track three, “Hey Hey Bully!”, has Pop appeal and guitar riffs that stand out and grab you. There are so many pleasing melodies on this record like on the song “Friends” where I can’t help but think of a saying one of my family members says all the time—“Keep it on the sunny side”. Get ready for high energy on “Put Your Mind to It” and then be inspired on the finale number titled “It Was in Your Heart”. Mr. Ray closes out in style where he is singing directly to you and your heart in one knockout song that has a heavy impact on the listener.

There are so many talented musicians backing Mr. Ray on this project as the overall effect comes across as vocally & musically in charge. Mr. Ray & company have a lot to be proud of here with ‘No Room For Bullies’ spreading fun awareness that music is universal and kindness is king. Whether you gravitate toward Mr. Ray’s top-notch musicianship or maybe the rap verses that are smooth as ice, you will not be disappointed. But in the end, Mr. Ray and his team hope to end bullying and urge kids/teens to treat one another equally. This is a message that can be directed toward the entire world and every person to help make the right changes. Mr. Ray and ‘No Room For Bullies’ is a powerful statement and one that can help us ALL move forward in the right direction. Mr. Ray is young at heart and states that this is “music for the kid in all of us”, so let’s all really take a listen and let’s all really keep it positive. The time is now!

By Jimmy Rae (