Megan Landry, Wallpaper


Megan Landry puts thought provoking music out into the world and her song, Wallpaper, is nothing short of excellent. This beautiful young lady is 17 and already a force of nature that is shaking the earth to its core. She is no stranger to hard work, about to graduate from high school, working 2 part time jobs and facing a soaring music career and doing it all with valiant grace.

This song is a perfect example of less is more. It starts out with soft a capella harmonies that makes the clouds part and you believe it came straight from the heavens. Then a hint of guitar is introduced but, by this point, you are so mesmerized, you’re not too concerned about the music anymore.

Landry makes all her videos herself, and the artistry and images created are mind blowing. Her sound is reminiscent to the popular young star, Lorde with a bit of a softer touch. The emotions invoked through each scene are better than a full length movie. She speaks volumes in the fewest words possible, with nothing left unsaid. That takes talent and this young lady has it exuding from every inch of her soul.

Megan Landry has a huge career in front of her and I look forward to following it each step of the way. I was beyond impressed, I was inspired. This video needs to be given your complete attention from beginning to end to experience it to the fullest; make the time to listen, do not miss out.

I rate this 5 out of 5

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