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Electronica has come a long way. To be honest if you asked me what I’m into I wouldn’t get past the Cool World Soundtrack. That was 1994. But seriously, since the days of Moby, Fatboy Slim, and every other dance act whos broken the top forty. The genre has been on a downward spiral of Built-up areas, Vodka, and Protools. Whats really lame (besides process) is the ability to emulate everything that has already been done before. It comes off as a load of regurgitated nonsense, and that’s only halfway looking at the stuff. It takes a thief, and quite a clever one, to understand the who, what, when, where, how, and why. And yes that’s a condom.
A lot of electronica these days is being produced under international esteem. Influence this, influence that. But it doesn’t always work. Case in point with Midwestern Outfit Prevat, and his 8 track LP ‘Symbols.’
What striked me least about this album is its complete inability to understand the spelling of its own name. Never before have I stumbled upon an Electronica album, and distinctly labeled as such, sound as though it has been raped by a Micheal Stipe fan with a New Order T-shirt. For 28 minutes.
None of this album is familiar, none of it. You put on the first track, and its like…theres nobody there. All of it was made on an 8 track and a Pacman Arcade Cabinet. From the static bed of opener ‘With Our Eyes Closed, to the Blue Man Groupish hypnotize of ‘Traffic’, you get the feeling theres, well like theres just something wrong. The pretension is undeniable, as majority of the lyrics on this album are tune to D-E-A-D in the key of “I can’t believe its not Sega.” But don’t take my word for it. Provided you do not intend on paying $12 for this album on 24 bit aiff/ flashdrive that is. That being said, you are better off sneaking that bag of quarter pounders into the Cinemark than not thinking twice at the club. Better get cracking then.

Robin Kale –

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